2022 South Koreans' Perceptions of North Korean Human Rights

How do we consistently increase public awareness of North Korean human rights?

What are the results from the 2022 public perceptions survey?

The North Korean human rights issue is “serious” 95.5%

Trends in public perceptions on North Korean human rights and challenges ahead

“Are public perceptions more sensitive to the issues versus the reality?”

“South Korean political parties hold polarized views on North Korean human rights policy”

“No difference in the electorate’s support for North Korean human rights policies”

Shared concerns for improving public perceptions of North Korean human rights

Jong Sik AHN, SBS reporter

Sunghyuk AN, LiNK Changemaker Scholarship Student

Daniel COLLINGE, Human Rights Officer, UN Human Rights Office in Seoul


A map displaying the locations of 7,000 cases of North Korean human rights violations among 130,000 entries related to North Korean human rights violations contained in the NKDB Unified Human Rights Database.

NKHR Larchiveum

A virtual library, archive, and museum where visitors can find out more about North Korean human rights violations and relevant activities at a glance.

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