West Gyeonggi Hana Center

Doing our part as a designated operator of the West Gyeonggi Hana Center

West Gyeonggi Hana Center

As a designated operator of a Hana Center for adjustment facilitation, NKDB undertakes tasks to provide comprehensive services such as resettlement education for North Korean escapees, psychological and career counseling, provision of lifestyle information, job search assistance, and other social assistance services that are specifically catered to North Korean escapees.

With 25 Hana Centers active throughout the country (4 in Seoul, 6 in Gyeonggi Province, 2 in Gangwon Province, and 1 in each remaining province and metropolitan area), NKDB was selected by the Ministry of Unification and Gyeonggi Province as the operator of the West Gyeonggi Hana Center (serving the cities of Bucheon, Anyang, Gwangmyeong, Siheung, and Gwacheon) in July, 2020. Through focusing on North Korean human rights and a professional understanding of North Korean escapees, we strive to be a partner in helping newly arrived individuals fit in to their local communities. 

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Business Introduction

We appreciate your support through donations, which collectively play a critical role in helping North Korean escapees adjust to their new communities

Our Location

West Gyeonggi Hana Center (Bucheon)

434 Gilju-ro, 6th Floor, Wonmi-gu,

Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do (Chunui Station)