[Event]Scholarship Ceremony benefiting the North Korean youth at the French Embassy

12 Jul 2023
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NKDB had the honour of coordinating the Scholarship Ceremony benefiting North Korean youth at the French Embassy on June 9. For the past few years, the French Embassy has been awarding scholarships to numerous North Korean escapee students, empowering them to pursue their education and realise their aspirations in South Korea and beyond. The event, graced by His Excellency Philippe Lefort, the French Ambassador to Korea, and Young-ho Shin, Chairman of NKDB, was a momentous occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the scholarship recipients.

During the ceremony, the scholarship recipients were praised and congratulated for their remarkable achievements. The students shared their personal stories and expressed their gratitude for the scholarships, which not only provided crucial support for their educational endeavours in a more favourable environment but also recognised their unwavering dedication and determination to build successful lives in South Korea.

In addition to financial assistance, the scholarship program also includes French language classes, offering the students an opportunity to broaden their horizons. This linguistic enrichment will serve as a pathway to global exposure, opening doors to a wider world for these young individuals.

NKDB extends heartfelt appreciation to the French Embassy for their unwavering support and commitment to the North Korean youth. By investing in their education and future, the French Embassy is playing a crucial role in empowering these students to shape their own destinies and providing them with opportunities for personal growth and success.