[Event]German Ambassador to ROK Visits NKDB's Museum

16 Jan 2024
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On January 16, 2024, the new German Ambassador to South Korea, Georg Wilfried Schmidt, visited NKDB’s Museum of North Korean Human Rights.

The Ambassador, who experienced division and reunification firsthand, explained the role of the Salzgitter Central Archives at the time and how the records are currently impacting the world.

Afterwards, the Ambassador and staff from the German Embassy spoke with NKDB’s museum team and watched a video of testimony from the North Korean escapees who worked with NKDB to curate the museum. The Ambassador was also able to directly speak with a young North Korean escapee about her life in both North and South Korea.

The meeting was an opportunity for serious reflection on North Korean human rights and the integration of North Korean escapees into South Korean society.

The Ambassador and staff received a tour of the exhibition #TheEchoNeverStops by NKDB’s Director of International Cooperation, Hanna Song which also included conversations about the role of memorialization in Germany.

We would like to thank Ambassador Schmidt and his staff for their visit and for sharing their encouragement and wisdom.

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