[Event]NKDB provides financial mentorship and support to North Korean Defectors

27 Dec 2022
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In 2022, NKDB began a new project called the 'Happy Plus' Project in collaboration with the Korea Financial Industry Foundation. This project was created to provide support in regards to employment, start-up and asset management for North Korean escapees in South Korea. In 2022, 1,383 people applied to be part of the program, in which NKDB provided support to 702 North Korean escapees. Activities included financial mentorships, asset formation support initiatives, vocational training support as well as career advice to children of North Korean escapees.

On December 21, NKDB invited participants of the program for an end-of-year party. Mentors and mentees were able to share their different experiences, win prizes, eat and be merry!

NKDB believes that North Korean escapees are not just a source for information about North Korea, but their successful resettlement, happiness and empowerment is an important agent for change. You can support NKDB's programs for North Korean escapees through donating through our website today.