[Briefing]Monthly English briefing at the Delegation of the European Union in Seoul

28 Feb 2023
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On February 9th, NKDB was invited to hold its monthly English briefing at the Delegation of the European Union in Seoul.

Researchers Hanna Song, Bo-Bae Su and  Su-Young Yang discussed findings of the latest report released by the NKDB. Results of the investigation that can be found in the North Korea's 'Non- socialist Group': Inspetions, Crackdowns and Human Rights Violations in a Panoptic Society were disclosed with an assistance of a North Korean escapee, who themselves had experienced violation of human rights by the Non- socialist Group.

Representatives of various European Union member states were invited to attend the briefing. 

Maintaining a partnership with the European Union, as well as individual states, is particularly important, taking into consideration that they are in charge of leading the UN Human Rights Council resolution on North Korean human rights. The European Parliament also adopts its own resolution to condemn the seriousness of North Korean human rights conditions and hold the perpetrators accountable.

NKDB will continue to provide information on violation of human rights in North Korea and is looking forward to addressing some of those issues at the 52nd UN Human Rights Council, which will be held in Geneva starting on February 27th.