[Academy] Two-Day Workshop by Korean Integration Academy in Goseong

9 Aug 2023
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From June to August, NKDB's Education Center, with support from the Unification Education Council, has been hosting the Korean Integration Academy. The objective is to foster a deeper comprehension of Reunification and promote harmonious relationships.

From the 21st to the 22nd of July, NKDB hosted a two-day workshop was held in Gangwon Province. The workshop was carefully designed to encourage increased Inter-Korean social integration and facilitate meaningful interaction between participants and North Korean escapees.

The initial day encompassed a visit to Tongil Security Park, offering valuable insights into security measures when exploring the DMZ. This was followed by a captivating experience at Goseong's Unification Observatory, providing panoramic views. The day concluded with a visit to the DMZ Museum, where attendees gained a deeper insight into the Korean War and had the privilege of hearing personal stories from North Korean defectors.

Shifting to the second day, the focus turned to the Peace Dam in Hwacheon, symbolising a commitment to peace and eventual reunification. Participants also paid their respects at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a poignant tribute highlighting the impact of the Vietnam War on Korea and honouring Korean soldiers' contributions.

We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone involved in making this workshop a valuable and memorable experience!