[Briefing]70th Monthly Briefing on North Korean Human Rights

5 Apr 2024
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On Friday, February 16th, NKDB hosted its 70th Monthly Briefing on North Korean Human Rights. This event marked NKDB's first monthly briefing of 2024. This briefing was particularly significant as it was the first public event since Hanna Song assumed the role of the Executive Director at NKDB. The change in leadership brings a renewed commitment to advancing human rights in North Korea.

The Briefing included an exclusive overview of NKDB's 2024 activities with important insights into what to anticipate in 2024 concerning the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and the Human Rights Council. Participants of this month's briefing came from various backgrounds including diplomatic missions, and the United Nations, gaining further understanding of North Korean escapees and their backgrounds, as well as NKDB legal work and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on escapees and documentation. 

After highlighting the holistic approach and the possibility of joined monitoring and information sharing, participants enjoyed a tour of NKDB's exhibition "The Echo Never Stops".