[Event]NKDB spoke at the Third Annual Summit for Democracy in Seoul

5 Apr 2024
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In March 2024, the Third Annual Summit for Democracy took place in Seoul, South Korea! During the summit, civil society actors and governments came together to tackle the urgent need to counter foreign interference & transnational repression. Leaders like Lithuania's Egidijus Meilūnas, Belarus's Tsimafei Malakhouski, OECD's Gillian Dorner & NKDB's Hanna Song united to discuss human rights and protect activists and citizens from authoritarian threats.   

Hanna Song of NKDB shone a light on the grim reality faced by North Korean escapees, emphasizing the critical need for international support to document human rights abuses and protect those who flee such regimes. Her insights into the dangers of forced repatriation in China and Russia were a stark reminder of the broader fight for justice and liberty.   

The panel's unified call to action resonated—human rights and democratic resilience are paramount. Together, we're building resilience and pushing for global collaboration to safeguard our shared democratic values. Thank you to Alliance for Democracies, Freedom House, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Lithuania and OECD for putting together such an important panel. 

▶️Watch the full session here