[Academy][5] Academy Week 11: The North Korean Human Rights Act - Unification is a Bonanza

3 Jul 2014
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Wednesday, June18th: For the 11th lecture in the North Korean Human Rights Academy series, Sohn Gwang-ju, Manager of the DailyNK Unification Strategy Research Center, presented on the topic of “North Korean Human Rights Act: Unification is a Bonanza.”

1.    Unification and North Korean Human Rights

2.    The Current North Korean Human Rights Act

3.     The challenge to the success of the concept of the Unification Bonanza

With the above contents as the basis of the talk, Mr. Sohn delivered the message that the first step towards national reunification is to hold proper talks, and that this was a time to think about the responsibilities of the government and national assembly, the media and all of civil society.