[Event]The German Defense Chairwoman visited NKDB and the "The Echo Never Stops" exhibition

5 Apr 2024
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On March 26, 2024, NKDB had the honor to host Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Ph.D., the Chairwomen of the German Bundestag Defense Committee.

During her five-day visit to South Korea, the Chairwoman held discussions with various institutions and politicians to explore potential collaborations between Germany and Korea amid the ongoing global security crisis including the human rights situation in North Korea.

As part of her schedule, the Chairwoman paid a visit to NKDB, where she received a briefing on the organization's research and advocacy efforts concerning the human rights situation of North Korean residents. NKDB had the honor of engaging Dr. Strack-Zimmermann in an insightful discussion spanning several years of their work.

The visit concluded with a tour of the #TheEchoNeverStops exhibition, leaving a profound impact on all attendees. The experience provided a valuable moment to reflect on the similar historical experiences shared between Germany and Korea, brought to life by the stories of North Korean escapees.