[Briefing]64th Monthly Briefing and Discussion

28 Apr 2022
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On April 26, 2022, NKDB held it's 64th Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights. during this month's briefing, NKDB's Chief Director, Yeosang Yoon, shared his insights on the last 5 years of North Korean human rights policy in South Korea and his recommendations for the incoming Yoon Suk-yeol administration. Issues discussed during the briefing included recently passed legislation, implementation of the North Korean Human Rights Act, and incidents involving North Korea over the last 5 years. Participants in the briefing were able to gain a unique perspective from Chief Director Yoon, who has been working in the field of North Korean human rights for decades.

Following Chief Director Yoon's presentation on his evaluation and recommendations, those in attendance participated in a Q/A session where they were able to gain further understanding of the state of North Korean human rights policy in South Korea and how it can be improved upon by the incoming administration.

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