[Briefing]68th Monthly Briefing and Discussion at the British Embassy

15 May 2023
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On May 12th, NKDB held its 68th Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights at the British Embassy. 

The first session of the briefing featured a presentation by Hanna Song, the Director of International Cooperation, focusing on the topic of North Korean labourers who are dispatched overseas to earn money for the North Korean government. The session specifically highlighted the living conditions, regulations, and evolving circumstances faced by overseas labourers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the concurrent impact of sanctions. The presentation incorporated the latest findings from a series of investigations on the human rights of North Korean escapees conducted by NKDB. Subsequently, a dedicated session provided a platform for a North Korean escapee with firsthand experience of overseas labour during COVID-19 to share personal narratives and perspectives regarding tangible changes. 

NKDB’s Monthly Briefings and Discussions are held for diplomats and foreign correspondents in South Korea to provide information on the situation in North Korea in order to ensure that a human rights based approach is taken. ✏️