[Briefing] 69th Monthly Briefing and Discussion at the Australian Embassy

7 Jul 2023
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On June 23rd, NKDB held its 69th Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights at the Australian Embassy. The thematic focus of the session was ‘The State of Torture in North Korea’.

Juyeon Ok, a human rights analyst at NKDB, delivered a detailed presentation on the state of torture in North Korea. Juyeon’s presentation outlined the international conventions that the DPRK has ratified that prohibit the use of torture, along with other international mechanisms of accountability, including the Universal Periodic Review. The presentation further explained NKDB’s approach to documenting and classifying cases of torture in the database. Specifically, Juyeon discussed the deprivation of the right to life and violations related to individual dignity and liberty, along with the sites where the instances of torture occur. A timeline analysis of reported cases of torture in North Korean victims was also conducted and changing characteristics in the documentation of torture cases were highlighted.

Subsequently, Hanna Song, the Director of International Cooperation at NKDB, delivered a presentation on the impact of trauma on North Korean victims of torture that was prepared in collaboration with NKDB’s psychological counsellor who provides psychosocial support to victims of torture at NKDB.

We at NKDB extend our gratitude to the Australian Embassy for hosting us for our June 2023 Monthly Briefing and thank all parties in attendance for their time and continued work on advancing human rights in North Korea.

NKDB’s Monthly Briefings and Discussions are held for diplomats and foreign correspondents in South Korea to provide information on the situation in North Korea in order to ensure that a human rights-based approach is taken.