[Event]Commemorating NKDB’s 2023 Scholarship for Advancement in Human Rights

9 Aug 2023
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On 25th July, NKDB held the 2023 Scholarship for Advancement of Human Rights event. We were delighted to come together in celebration of the remarkable accomplishments of four outstanding individuals who have been selected as this year's recipients of the esteemed NKDB Human Rights Scholarship.

As an expression of profound solidarity, a total grant of 7.5 million KRW has been judiciously allocated to provide unwavering support for the educational pursuits of three North Korean escapees and a dedicated researcher actively engaged in furthering the cause of North Korean human rights through a committed NGO. This scholarship not only underscores our steadfast dedication to promoting education but also reaffirms our mission to aid these exceptional individuals in realising their highest aspirations.

NKDB extends heartfelt congratulations to all those who have been awarded the scholarship!