[Event]NKDB's radio interview with the Defense Media Agency

9 Dec 2022
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On December 9, NKDB's Chief Director, Yeosang Yoon and Director of International Cooperation, Hanna Song was interviewed for the Defense Media Agency's radio program (96.7MHz) to commemorate InternationalHumanRightsDay.

In today's episode, NKDB spoke about the international community's response to North Korean human rights violations from the UN resolution to holding perpetrators accountable. NKDB also spoke about the South Korean government's policies on North Korean human rights, even raising the issue of the often forgotten 6 South Koreans who remain detained in North Korea.

As we prepare to celebrate #InternationalHumanRights Day tomorrow, we remember the North Koreans who like all of us, deserve to have all of their human rights protected.