[Briefing]59th Monthly Briefing and Discussion

29 Sep 2021
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On September 28th, NKDB held its 59th Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights at the NKDB Education Center for Korean Integration. This month, two North Korean defectors spoke about the current and future generation of North Korean youth. The two speakers answered a variety of questions posed by the moderator, followed by a lively Q&A session.

The briefing involved a discussion on how the ‘Jangmadang (Market) Generation,’ perceive the Kim Jong Un regime, the leadership, and the system. It became evident through the responses given by the speakers that the younger generation is becoming more and more disenchanted by the Kim regime. Whereas the older generations pretend to follow the guidance of the state and party, the younger generation does not even try to mask their indifference. Their priorities and interests lie in their economic situation, rather than political issues. In other words, loyalty to the Kim regime is fading as the younger generation grows.

The speakers mentioned that more severe and strict surveillance, and legislation to control the influx of South Korean culture, shows how concerned the Kim regime is regarding the young generation in North Korea. They added that Kim Jong Un is fully aware of the fact that the future of North Korea relies on the younger generation, but it is increasingly difficult for the regime to ideologically control them. Therefore, through ideological education for select groups, the North Korean regime is concentrating their efforts on controlling the masses through these ideologically loyal individuals.

This monthly briefing served as a great opportunity to hear from two recent North Korean defectors to establish a more clear perception of the situation in North Korea, especially in these times of ‘uncertainty.’

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