[Briefing]46th NKDB Monthly Briefing and Discussion

12 Feb 2018
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NKDB held its 46th monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights on January 30. This month’s Briefing was an overview of NKDB’s survey conducted in December 2017 on the South Korean people’s perception of the situation of human rights in North Korea. NKDB researcher spoke on a variety of topics on South Korean people’s perceptions, such as 1) how interested they are in North Korean human rights, 2) if they believe the human rights situation in North Korea is serious, 3) how they feel about the newly adopted North Korean Human Rights Act, 4) what they believe the role of North Korean human rights organizations are, and more.

We had a dynamic discussion on how perceptions have changed, or not, over the past three years in South Korea. It was a truly engaging and thought-provoking discussion that is highly relevant to our current events.  


After a one month hiatus for the year-end holidays, it was wonderful to catch up with old faces and meet new ones. We were joined by representatives from embassies and delegations in Seoul, including those from Australia, Finland, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and the U.S. Additionally, representatives from Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, Liberty in North Korea, International Organization for Migration, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, National Democratic Institute, and NK News were in attendance. We are grateful to all those who attended this event amidst the cold and snow!