[Briefing]53rd NKDB Monthly Briefing and Discussion

6 Nov 2018
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On October 29th, NKDB held its 53rd Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights. At the Briefing Dr. Lee Sang-sin, a research fellow at the Korea Institute of National Unification shared his research on South Korean people’s’ attitude towards North Korea. In his presentation Dr. Lee explored the traditional pro-North Korea (liberal) and anti-North Korea (conservative) camps within the South Korean society. He expanded on the topic by revealing a new model of analysis according to which four different types of attitudes are revealed in the survey results – realists, pragmatists, isolationists and liberalists. Dr. Lee explained the thinking of the people belonging to each cluster as well as the conditions under which they see unification between the two Koreas possible. 

Participants of the Briefing included representatives from embassies and delegations in Seoul, including those from Sweden, Australia, Germany, Finland, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, and France. Additionally, international organizations, research institutes, and media representatives from Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), Korea University, University of Goettingen, NK News, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Leiden University, and Paris Diderot University were also in attendance. Thank you once again to all of you who joined our 53rd Briefing!