[Briefing]54th Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights

2 May 2019
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On April 30 NKDB held its first Monthly Briefing for 2019. The event was dedicated to the active Universal Periodic Review (UPR) advocacy that NKDB has undertaken in relation to the upcoming third review of the DPRK. In October last year NKDB released its stakeholder’s report, which can be downloaded here. The report was compiled after NKDB conducted 50 interviews with North Korean defectors who lived in the DPRK during the period under current review (2014-2018). In April this year NKDB also took part in the UPR Pre-sessions organized by UPR Info in Geneva. The UPR Pre-session provides civil society organizations with the opportunity to deliver a statement in front of representatives of Permanent Missions thus sharing issues of concern and suggesting recommendations for the coming UPR session. At this month’s Briefing NKDB provided detailed analysis of the DPRK’s national report submitted to the UPR Working Group and shared additional information with foreign missions, which will be helpful for drafting precise recommendations to be delivered on May 9, when the DPRK’s review is taking place.