[Briefing]32nd NKDB Monthly Briefing and Discussion of North Korean Human Rights

27 Jul 2016
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The 32nd session of NKDB’s Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights took place on July 26th , 2016.  The event was kindly hosted by the Canadian Embassy. For this month’s briefing, NKDB prepared a presentation on the situation of the North Korean labourers sent overseas to earn foreign currency for the DPRK regime. Recent findings from NKDB's investigation in Poland and Mongolia were also presented, alongside observations and commentaries from the three seminars NKDB co-hosted in Poland, Germany and the UK at the end of June this year. Representatives of foreign missions in Seoul took part in the briefing, including the EU delegation, the Polish embassy, the Australian embassy, the embassy of Nigeria, the Finnish embassy, the US embassy, the Canadian Embassy, the Malaysian embassy, Wall Street Journal,  and NDI.