[Briefing]33rd NKDB Monthly Briefing and Discussion of North Korean Human Rights

28 Sep 2016
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Tim Peters, Founder and Director of Helping Hands Korea was the guest speaker for today’s 33rd session of NKDB’s Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights. The event was kindly hosted by the French Embassy.  

Mr. Peters spoke about the need for unconventional approaches when helping North Koreans and giving them humanitarian aid. These methods include for instance using couriers to hand-deliver food, medicine and other necessities, and evacuating North Korean refugees through an underground railroad.

Representatives of foreign missions in Seoul took part in the briefing, including the EU delegation, the French Embassy, the Australian Embassy, the German Embassy, the Swedish Embassy, the Norwegian Embassy, the Finnish Embassy, the Sri Lankan Embassy, as well as participants from the Korea Hana Foundation, North Korea Human Rights Foundation, the Wall Street Journal, and professors from Yonsei University and Sungshin Women’s University.