[Academy][Fourth Unification and Diplomacy Academy] Lecture 7

8 Nov 2016
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What policies is the South Korean government promoting for the unification of Korea?



On Nov. 7, Jung-tae Kim, former director of the Ministry of Unification's Inter-Korean Exchanges and Co-operation Bureau, gave a lecture titled "The role of policy and diplomacy in our efforts for unification."


Mr. Kim briefly introduced unification policies adopted by the past administrations of South Korea and the differences in unification policies of the ROK and the DPRK. He emphasized that we should understand the basic concept of the inter-Korean economic co-operation so that we can have a proper perspective on the issue of Korean unification. He also mentioned that the inter-Korean economic co-operation heavily relies on military and political issues, rather than on commercial interests. He noted that the autonomy of profit-making companies should be guaranteed within certain guidelines set up by the government. In his closing remarks, he highlighted that building mutual trust should be a priority in order to improve inter-Korean relations.



Next week(Nov. 14), the Ministry of Unification's spokesman Joon-hee Jeong, will give a lecture titled "The role and tasks of unification policies: with a focus on international activities of the Ministry of Unification."



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