[Academy][Fourth Unification and Diplomacy Academy] Lecture 8

15 Nov 2016
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What are external and internal conditions surrounding Korean unification and what should we do for unification diplomacy? 



On November 14, the Ministry of Unification's spokesman Joon-hee Jeong, delivered a lecture titled "The role and tasks of unification policies: with a focus on international activities of the Ministry of Unification."


In the lecture, Mr. Jeong explained external conditions of unification diplomacy based on various ways of establishing foreign policies adopted by neighbor countries. He noted that internal conditions are not supportive of unification diplomacy because there is no national consensus about unification within South Korea and systematic passiveness in bureaucracy would not be easy to overcome. 

According to Mr. Jeong, we need to actively gather up our will to bring about unification and to map out steps to achieve it. He also noted the U.S., China, Japan, Russia and EU are taking different stances toward the Korean peninsula and various diplomatic issues would arise based upon our decisions whom we want to partner with. 


In his closing remarks, Mr. Jeong highlighted that in oder for our unification diplomacy to be successful, we should have a unified approach toward North Korea and encourage voluntary activities by civil groups for the unification of Korea. 



Next week(Nov. 21), Young-hwan Ko, vice president of the Institute for National Security Strategy, will give a lecture titled "North Korea's policies on diplomacy: past and present."



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