[Briefing]35th NKDB Monthly Briefing and Discussion of North Korean Human Rights

30 Nov 2016
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For NKDB’s 35th Monthly Briefing and Discussion on North Korean Human Rights, Jung-Hoon Lee, the current ROK Ambassador for North Korean Human Rights gave a special lecture on different ways to resolve the North Korean human rights situation. After giving a short background on human rights and the state of human rights in North Korea, Mr. Lee spoke about the international community’s actions to resolve the issue, such as the UN resolutions and the COI report. He also described the ROK’s efforts and his role as Ambassador for North Korean human rights. Finally, describing North Korea’s response to all these efforts, Mr. Lee emphasized the need for immediate action and accountability.


The presentation was followed by a lively discussion and debate on accountability of the DPRK regime, the Human Rights Act passed in the ROK, and the preparation for transitional justice in Korea.


Participants included representatives from the Embassies of Canada, Panama, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Malaysia, as well as the EU Delegation, the Wall Street Journal and the National Democratic Institute.