[Academy][9] Week 1: Opening Ceremony

2 Jun 2016
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The 9th North Korean Human Rights Academy began on April 27th with the opening remarks from Mr. Jae Hwa Lee, the Principal of the Academy. 

We were delighted to introduce our new students as well as have congratulatory remarks from Mr Jae Chun Lee (Board Member of NKDB), Woong Ki Kim (Director of NKDB), Suk Kil Kim (Board Member of NKDB) and Jung Tae Kim (Board Member of NKDB).

We also welcomed students from the 5th North Korean Human Rights Academy who congratulated the opening ceremony with kimbab. 

■Date: April 27, 2016

■Topic: Why North Korean Human Rights?

■Lecturer: Yeo Sang Yoon (Chief Director of North Korean Human Rights Archives)