[Academy][6] Week 8: North Korea´s human rights record and the liquidation of the past

27 May 2015
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On November 5th, 2014, the eighth week of lecture was held.

Subject: North Korean human rights record and the liquidation of the past

Lecturer: Jung Jae-Ho (Head of NKDB’s Resettlement Assistance Headquarters)


He gave his lecture on the task of looking at reunification in the Korean Peninsula by drawing on the German reunification. 

He introduced Germany’s liquidation of the past with the German Central Archive being the backbone proceeding its establishment and Germany’s reunification.

Given that East Germany’s voluntary choice to reunify reflects Germany’s reunification, in order to constitute a truly integrated in the reunification the Korean Peninsula we must respect the autonomous choice of the people of the two Koreas for it.

It will be then that we can see the two Koreas rise in their world status. 

Rather than be locked into a fantasy with a vague reunification, shall we not cooperate to make authentic social integration possible until that day?

1. The Central Archives of Western Germany 

2. Liquidation of the past in Germany after reunification

① Liquidation of the past concept 

② Liquidation of the past method 

③ Liquidation of the past reality

3. North Korea’s human rights record and preparation for the liquidation of the past

① North Korea’s human rights situation and patterns 

② South Korea’s level of preparedness for the liquidation of the past following reunification with North Korea 

③ The basic direction for the liquidation of the past in North Korea