[Academy][6] Week 11: North Korean human rights improvement strategy

27 May 2015
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On November 26th, 2014, the 11th week of lecture was held.

Subject: A plan to improve North Korean human rights

Lecturer: Lim Soon Hee (Representative of NK Social Research)

▷ NKDB’s main activities and progress

- Cases / classification

- Cases: 50,858 cases, figures: 28,649 people

- The right to life: peaked in 1990s

- Human Rights: intensified after the 2000s (illegal arrest and detention, torture / assault strengthened/reinforced)

- The right to life (right to food): 1990 (North Korean famine period) decreased after

- Migration and right to housing: Up until the 2000s (forced migration, many repatriated)

Hamgyeongdo (48.9%)> China (20.3%)> Pyongan (8.4%)> Yanggang (5.1%)> Pyongyang (2.2%).

Investigation and detention facilities, prisons (50.7%)> Victims house (9.0%)> public places (5.6%)> Victims workplace (2.2%).

▷ Improvement plan

1 Classification System of Ongoing monitoring of human rights in North Korea

2. "North Korean Human Rights Archives" operation

3. North Korea and human rights technical cooperation and support/assistance

4. strengthening the cooperation and assistance of human rights related international organizations and international and domestic North Korean human rights NGOs

5. The establishment and ratification of a “North Korean human rights improvement and humanitarian aid bill”

▷ As a soon to be graduate of the North Korean Human Rights Academy what do you think we as a society should do?