[Academy][6] Week 12: Closing Ceremony

27 May 2015
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On December 3rd, 2014, the 6th North Korean Human Rights Academy’s graduation ceremony was held at last!

The 6th North Korean Human Rights Academy’s received the love of many until the very end.

Among the 41 total attendees, 33 completed the Academy including 3 who did not miss a single lecture. At the ceremony Professor Lee Jae-Hwa and NKDB’s directors and officials and graduates of the 5th Academy congratulated the 6th Academy´s new graduating group.

Although it was the last day, the 6th Academy will not be our last following the election of a Chairman and Secretary General, and with the initiation of the next Academy we will continue to record the history of our lessons and challenges.

In the future whatever role in society we will play, our hearts are hearts are carved in tightly and together can move forward with spirited determination. 

Until the day we can achieve genuine human rights and reunification, the Academy will continue to work hard towards these efforts.