[Academy][7] Week 1: Opening Ceremony

27 May 2015
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On Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 the opening ceremony was held. 

* Mr. Lee Jae-hwa’s (North Korean Human Rights Academy) Opening Remarks

* Lecture and Q&A
- Lecturer: Mr. Yoon Yeo-sang (North Korean Human Rights Archives director)
- Topic: Why North Korean Human Rights?
* Content

Ⅰ. North Korean human rights issue and reunification
Ⅱ. North Korean human rights and the international community’s “improvement activities”
Ⅲ. North Korean human rights improvement strategy 
Ⅳ. North Korean human rights issue, liquidation of the past, and the lessons learned
Ⅴ. North Korean human rights and the Korean Peninsula’s reunification

Please look forward to lectures in the future. We appreciate everyone’s participation and love. Thank you.  


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