[Academy][6] Week 4: The reality of North Korean human rights in their daily lives

27 May 2015
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On October 8th, 2014, the fourth week of lecture was held.  

Subject: The Reality of North Korean Human Rights in Their Daily Lives

Lecturer: Lim Soon Hee (a honorary researcher at the Korea Institute for National Unification)


North Korea’s Status of Human Rights Pertaining to Everyday Life



I. Formulation of a normative / dependent life

1. Life as a “social man” with sociopolitical life form

2. Happy life: the struggle for achieving independence and developing creativity 

3. Life goals and ideals: Being loyal to the head of country

4. Optimistic about the future

5. Feeling rewarding about labor lifestyle

II. Reality about life: Daily violation of human rights

1. “Standardized ego buried in a group

2. mandatory organizational lives

3. gender pyramid system

4. life of unofficial self-rehabilitation and increasing gap between the rich and the poor

5. pessimism and anxiety for the future: “today for today” lifestyle instead of “ today for tomorrow” lifestyle