[Academy][6] Week 10: Aid to North Korea and reconciliation

27 May 2015
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On November 19th, 2014, the 10th week of lecture was held. 

Subject: Aid to North Korea and Reconciliation 

Lecturer: Hong Sang-Young (Korean Sharing Movement secretary general)

A lecture was held on the goal of improving North Koreans citizens’ quality of life.

As part of that goal, Korean Sharing Movement’s campaign headquarters in 2006 called “Pyongyang Gangnam Danggokri cooperative farms” by starting a focus on modernizing projects. 

Rather than reaching the point of simply ending fragmentary material support, a sustainable and a higher level of development was reached.

In the agricultural sector, South Korea's professional workforce’s mobilization of seed improvement, machinery operational services, and the spread of technology will help consolidate an independent foundation.

South Korea: Techniques and materials

North Korea: construction and management of human resources 

① South-North rice seed: use of South Korean agricultural techniques 

② Greenhouse installations: use of North Korean vegetable seed

③ Village road paving, agricultural machinery repair shops, modernization of rice mill

④ Citizen’s welfare should towards building day-care centers, reconfiguring kindergarten/ elementary schools, building clinics, medical equipment, and home improvement

In order for North and South Korea to become one, rather pressuring each other one-sidedly botparties must build upon mutual understanding and trust in order to think about and embrace the changes.