[Event][Conference] Meaningful Engagement and Advocacy for North Korea: SDGs?

14 Feb 2022
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Since 2018, NKDB has been researching the linkages between human rights and SDGs; and exploring the SDGs as a tool to engage with North Korea to improve the human rights of the North Korean people. Through its research NKDB saw that one of the largest obstacles to utilising the SDGs to engage North Korea is the lack of data available. To address this , NKDB has created the ‘North Korea SDGs’ Website, where users can see not only what the North Korean government is reporting about the 17 SDGs but also hear the voices of North Korean escapees and monitor the SDGs through other stakeholders’ research.

In celebration of launching its new website, NKDB would like to cordially invite you to a conference on February 21, 2022 at the Korea Press Center, where we will be launching the website and hosting a discussion on the SDGs as a tool for advocacy and engagement with North Korea. 

To register please RSVP using the following link:


This conference will be held in accordance to governmental COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.
English-Korean simultaneous interpretation will be provided