[General]NKDB and FIDH Jointly Submit Civil Society Report for China's UPR Session on Human Rights Issues of North Korean Escapees

20 Jul 2023
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On July 18th, NKDB achieved a significant milestone by collaborating with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) to submit a joint civil society report during the 4th cycle Universal Periodic Review (UPR) session on China.

NKDB has been persistently raising awareness about critical human rights issues faced by North Korean escapees in China. Despite these efforts, the Chinese government has consistently overlooked these concerns, leading to ongoing challenges and violations faced by the escapees.

The submission of the UPR civil society report marks a significant step in NKDB's continuous advocacy for the rights and well-being of North Korean escapees in China. Partnering with FIDH, a globally recognised human rights organisation, NKDB aims to amplify its voice and seek support from the international community to address these pressing issues.

Through this collaboration, NKDB and FIDH aim to raise awareness about the human rights situation of North Korean escapees in China. They highlight challenges related to protection, legal status, and access to basic rights and services, with the goal of bringing about meaningful and positive change.

Ultimately, the objective is to encourage the Chinese government to take concrete actions in improving human rights conditions for North Korean escapees within its borders. By engaging in dialogue and presenting evidence-based reports, NKDB and FIDH strive to create an environment where human rights concerns are acknowledged, addressed, and respected.

As this partnership gains momentum, the hope is that the international community, including governments, organizations, and individuals, will unite in supporting efforts to protect the human rights of North Korean escapees and work towards a more just and equitable future for all.

Please find detailed information about what NKDB and FIDH jointly submitted regarding China's UPR session in the attached file

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