[Education][Fifth Unification and Diplomacy Academy] Lecture 3

5 Apr 2017
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On April 3, Gyu Hyeong Lee, former South Korean ambassador to China, gave a lecture on "the Role of China and its Tasks for Unification Diplomacy".


In his lecture, Mr. Lee spoke about the global status of China, the current and future ROK-China relations, recent DPRK-China relations, and unification policy towards China. Since formal diplomatic relations were established between Seoul and Beijing in 1992, trade between the two countries have increased dramatically and diplomatic ties have strengthened. Although Chinese historical claims surrounding Goguryeo and its related kingdoms have created some tension between the ROK and China, Mr. Lee stated that the two countries should respect each other's policies. He spoke of the importance of understanding the reasons behind ROK and China's policies through understanding their separate situations. He stressed that to achieve peace and unification on the Korean peninsula, Chinese support is essential. Therefore, the cooperation between the two countries should be strengthened, alongside the implementation of the mid- and long-term plans for these policies. 


Next Monday (April 10), Kak-soo Shin, former South Korean ambassador to Japan, will give a lecture titled "the Unification of Korea and the Role of Japan."