[Education][Fifth Unification and Diplomacy Academy] Lecture 4

13 Apr 2017
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What diplomatic strategies should the ROK government have towards Japan for the unification of Korea?


On April 10, Kak-soo Shin, former South Korean ambassador to Japan, gave a lecture on “the Unification of the Korean Peninsula and the Role of Japan.” In the lecture, Mr. Shin spoke not only about the significance of the South Korea-Japan relations for the unification of Korea, but also about principal agents and methods for the unification of Korea as well as prospects for the East Asian region.


Mr. Shin spoke about three importance reasons why Japan's cooperation is crucial in terms of preparing for unification of Korea. Firstly, Japan could support the cost for achieving unification. Secondly, as Japan has taken a leadership role in the Asian Development Bank (ADB), a unified Korea could receive funds from the ADB. Lastly, in the case that the ROK faces a state of emergency such as the collapse of the DPRK, the role of Japan is crucial. According to the lecturer, the U.S. Forces based in either Japan or the ROK are not sufficient enough to deal with the regime change in the DPRK. Thus, in the case more US troops have to come to the ROK, Japanese geopolitics will play a huge role.


Next Monday (October 24), Jai Chun Lee, chairman of NKDB and former South Korean ambassador to Russia, will deliver a lecture on “Shedding New Light on the South Korea-Russia Relations for Unification Diplomacy.”



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