[Education][5th Unification and Diplomacy Academy] Lecture 7

12 May 2017
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On May 1, Mr. Jung-tae Kim, the former director of the Ministry of Unification's Inter-Korean Exchanges and Co-operation Bureau, delivered a lecture entitled “the Role of Policy and Diplomacy in the ROK's Efforts for Unification”.

Unknown to the general public, past South Korean governments have implemented various unification policies to achieve unification. However, according to Mr. Kim, if unification occurs at a time when preparations have not been made by the public, it will be a burden rather than a 'jackpot'.

Therefore, he emphasized the importance of South Korean citizens in making an effort to achieve unification alongside the implementation of unification policies. This can be achieved through studying and understanding the uniqueness of inter-Korean relations. With over 70 years of division, it is also important to learn the differences between the language, society and culture of the two Koreas.

On May 8, Duk-haeng Lee, spokesperson for the Ministry of Unification, will speak about "Role and Tasks for Unification and Diplomacy: the Ministry of Unification's International Activities".

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