[Vacancy][HIRING] Opening for a Researcher with Legal Qualifications

26 Jan 2022
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We're Hiring!

NKDB is preparing to carry out activities to provide direct relief to human rights victims through the legal system and to pursue accountability for perpetrators beyond NKDB’s current investigations and research on human rights violations and record preservation activities. Therefore, we are looking for a talented individual to join us who wishes to share our mission and pioneer the future of the North Korean human rights campaign!

Title: Researcher (Legal Professional)

Opening: 1

Level of Employment: Entry/Experienced

Major Responsibilities:

- North Korean human rights investigation and analysis

- Research and writing reports on North Korean Human Rights

- Legal assistance for assigning accountability for North Korean human rights violations

- Expanding NKDB’s international network and international cooperation potential

Full-time position (5 days a week), 3-month probationary period, major benefits included


- Accredited Lawyer (South Korean or Overseas, International) or Masters (or higher) in Legal Affairs

- No disqualifications for overseas travel

- Bilingual proficiency in Korean and English

- Experience preferred

Application Process:

1st Round: Applications 

- Application Period: 2022 January 26 - 2022 February 13

2nd Round: Interviews (after 1st round screening) 

- 2022 February 16 (Wed) 10AM

Required Documents:

- Korean Resume and Cover Letter (1 page each)

    - Include any theses or research experience in your application

    - Include an official foreign language score report (within the last 2 years)

- English Resume and Cover Letter (1 page each)

- Legal Certification or highest level of education (including undergraduate degree)

- Proof of experience (if applicable)

Application Method:

Online: nkdbi@hanmail.net 

Mail: 서울시 중구 창경궁로 1길 33, 삼양페이퍼PW 빌딩 3층, 북한인권정보센터 (04558)


(+82) 02-723-6045