[Event]Seminar marking the publication of the 11th White Paper on North Korean Human Rights

13 Oct 2017
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Thank you to all the participants who attended NKDB's seminar marking the 11th publication of the White Paper on North Korean Human Rights.

The seminar started with an opening address from Jai-chun Lee, Chairman of NKDB followed by congratulatory remarks from Mr. Ahn, Chairman of the UniKorea Foundation and Ambassador Oh, the former ROK ambassador to the UN who reminded us that without 'justice'- 'peace' cannot last.

Four presentations were then given by NKDB's researchers on the findings of the 2017 White Paper and the three specialised reports on overseas labourers, narcotic drugs and humanitarian assistance in North Korea.

A panel discussion followed, moderated by Dae-suk Choi, professor of North Korean Studies at Ewha Womans University. The discussants included Professor Jeong-won Park from Kookmin University, Professor Baek-buhm Seok from Kyunghee University, Younkyo Ahn from the UN Seoul Office and Yeosang Yoon the chief director of the North Korean Human Rights Archives.

It is now clear that the North Korean human rights issue is no longer just an issue for the Korean people, but a responsibility for the international community- which is why the collection of accurate and objective data on the human rights situation in the DPRK is becoming more and more important. NKDB is committed to researching and providing information on the North Korean human rights situation, and we can only do this with your help. Click below to support us in this journey.