[General]Stony Brook University Student Visit

29 Jun 2018
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On June 29th, journalism students from Stony Brook University visited the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB) to learn more about North Korean human rights violations and the lives of North Korean defectors resettled in South Korea. This visit was made as a part of their academic tour program to better comprehend issues related to North Korea. NKDB Researcher Teodora Gyupchanova introduced NKDB’s main activities and research, and gave a briefing on the current state of human rights infringements in North Korea. The students were also introduced to NKDB’s Visual Atlas – an online platform suitable for students of all majors that have interest in learning more about human rights in North Korea.

The students had the chance to ask questions in order to get more detailed information. Some of the many things they inquired about was the concept of human rights in North Korea, how the North Korean legal system defines human rights, and last but not least what life is like for North Korean defectors in South Korea. These questions reflect how well the students came to understand the systematic nature of human rights violations in North Korea and the lasting impact such experiences have on North Koreans. 

NKDB hopes that the interest in North Korean human rights that was sparked by this visit today would guide them through their academic journey in South Korea.