[General]The US Office of International Religious Freedom's 2017 Report cites NKDB's research

9 Jul 2018
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The Office of International Religious Freedom at the United States Department of State publishes an Annual Report on International Religious Freedom. Their 2017 report on the DPRK includes insights into areas such as North Korea’s religious demography and the regime’s position and practices towards religious belief. The report is based on findings by nonprofit organizations focused on North Korean human rights, such as NKDB. 

The DPRK’s constitution provides for freedom of religion and belief. However, the annual report of the Office integrates NKDB’s work to expose that 99.6% of the North Koreans we had interviewed up to 2016 reported that there is actually no religious freedom in the country. Our research uncovered 1,304 cases of infringements to the right of freedom of religion or belief by North Korean authorities, including 119 murders, 770 detentions, and 87 disappearances.

You can read our findings in the table attached to this post. Additionally the complete report by the US State Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom is attached to this post. You can download it and learn in more detail about the situation in the DPRK. The highlighted parts are the ones where NKDB’s data and analysis has been used.