[General]Walk Free Foundation publishes DPRK 2018 Global Slavery Index in partnership with NKDB

20 Jul 2018
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NKDB has partnered with the Walk Free Foundation, a global organization working to end modern slavery, and the Leiden Asia Centre to shed light on the conditions of North Korean forced labor. The Walk Free Foundation’s 2018 Global Slavery Index was published this week containing the thematic report on the DPRK “Pervasive, punitive, and predetermined: Understanding modern slavery in North Korea.” NKDB assisted the research by selecting a representative sample of 50 North Korean defectors resettled in South Korea and interviewing them about their experiences associated with forced labour. 

The main findings of the report point to high prevalence of forced labour in the DPRK, lack of freedom of choosing one’s workplace, state-wide use of mandatory communal work (including for school children), labour training camp penalties and excessive work hours coupled with meager payment and minimal food rations. The analysis also takes a look into the labour conditions of North Korean workers dispatched overseas by the North Korean government for the purpose of earning foreign currency for the regime.  

To download and read Walk Free Foundation and Asia Leiden Centre’s report you can use the following link: https://tinyurl.com/ydf3v885

You can also read more about NKDB’s finding on North Korean overseas labourers by looking up our three reports on the topic: http://nkdb.org/en/library/Books_list.php%20