[Education]The 3rd Unification Diplomacy Academy opening ceremony and an introduction of the second week's lecture

29 Mar 2016
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On March 28 Monday, we have commemorated the inception of the 3rd Unification Diplomacy Academy.

The event began with the opening speech by Lee Jai Chun, former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Russian Federation and the current Chief of the Unification Diplomacy Academy, followed by the congratulatory remark by Park Jong Hoon, the Chairman of the board of NKDB.
In the first gifted lecture of ‘What is Unification Diplomacy’ by the Chief Lee Jai Chun, we were able to contemplate on the current address as well as the future path of the critical juncture where the issues of Unification and diplomacy reunite.
Through our 12-week meaningful itinerary of the Unification Diplomacy Academy, we daringly hope that the accumulation of diversified horizons could trigger our intellectual curiosities on the issue of Unification.

Date : 7 p.m. Monday, March 28, 2016
Venue : Pacific Era Committee office building 2nd floor.
Title of the lecture : ‘What is Unification Diplomacy’ (Unification Diplomacy Academy, Chief Lee Jai Chun)

The second week's gifted lecture will be proceeded on the topic of by the lecturer Lee Tae Sik (former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States of America).


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