Updates and news [The Echo Never Stops] Exhibition on Freedom of Expression

16 Nov 2023
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NKDB is thrilled to celebrate the opening of our inaugural North Korean Human Rights exhibition! 🕊️

This exhibition is not just to document, but to memorialize and to provide a first step to the growth of a larger museum to commemorate and bring attention to the human rights violations in North Korea. 

“The Echo Never Stops” exhibition marks a turning point for the human rights movement as it sheds further light on the issue while providing hope that it shall transcend politicization and instead, provide an opportunity to acknowledge and find solutions to these problems. 

Join us as we explore the meaning of freedom of expression in North Korea, through art, testimonies and untold stories. 

Engage in this thought-provoking showcase that provides a snapshot of the human rights violations for expression within North Korea. 

🗓️Open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM, except Sundays.

⭐️ Admission is FREE for everyone.

📍Find us on the third floor at 14 Gyeonghuigung, Jongno-gu, Seoul