[General]Number of Individuals Recorded in NKDB's Unified Human Rights Database Tops 50,000

4 Nov 2021
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On November 1st, the NKDB Unified Human Rights Database collection of individuals involved in human rights violations in North Korea surpassed 50,000 people, and among them over 40,000 victims. For all the work since the beginning of development of the NKDB Unified Human Rights Database based on HURIDOCS in 2004 until now, we would like to extend our thanks to all the researchers, interns, volunteers, and sponsors who have supported and participated in recording North Korean human rights violations.

We at NKDB believe that these records represent hope for the victims, and provide a voice in opposition to the current reality of human rights in North Korea. With this in mind, NKDB will continue to carry out its work in support of the North Korean people.