[Event][Conference Recording with Subtitles] Seeking Accountability and Collecting Data on Perpetrators of Gross Human Rights Violations in North Korea

2 Sep 2021
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We are happy to announce that our conference on creating a Perpetrator Database on August 19, is now available to watch through our Youtube Channel!

Although the conference was conducted in Korean with English interpretation provided only for our offline participants, we are delighted to share that we have uploaded the video to Youtube with English subtitles!  So for those who were unable to watch our conference, or if you wanted to watch again, you are now able to watch and learn about our newest database project!

We at the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB) held this conference to introduce our newest database project, as well as discuss the significance and applications of such a database in holding perpetrators responsible for gross human rights violations. The Perpetrator Database, as discussed at the conference, aims to increase accountability and awareness of crimes against humanity in North Korea. So far, the database contains dossiers on 30 perpetrators, and we will continue to record perpetrator information on crimes against humanity going forward. 

The conference was split into two sessions, and began with two presentations discussing and emphasizing the significance of building a database on perpetrators of human rights violations in North Korea. Then, in the second session three experts examined cases of transitional justice and accountability for perpetrators of human rights violations and discussed how such cases can be applied to North Korea.

We firmly believe that the conference offered an excellent opportunity for the international community to gain a broader understanding of the significance of examining and assigning accountability for perpetrators of human right violations in North Korea, and we will continue to carry out this work going forward!

Check out the video below!