[General]World Human Trafficking Awareness day (January 11th)

11 Jan 2019
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January 11th is World Human Trafficking Awareness day. Many North Koreans are trafficked every year while trying to make a better life for themselves. Women and girls are often forced into prostitution or marriage in China. NKDB’s 2018 White Paper on North Korean Human Rights includes 3,990 cases of human trafficking and forced prostitution of North Korean women. 62.8% of the victims of human trafficking interviewed by NKDB were in their 20s and 30s when they were trafficked.

NKDB’s previous research on human trafficking was published in 2014 in the book “North Korean Defectors in China”. Visit our library to see the full list of NKDB’s books via the following link:http://nkdb.org/en/library/Books_list.php