[General]Student Visit from The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

9 Jan 2019
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On January 8th, students from The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups visited the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB) to learn more about the lives of North Korean defectors resettled in South Korea and their mental health. An NKDB Researcher introduced NKDB’s main areas of expertise and gave a briefing on the current state of human rights violations in North Korea. The students were also introduced to NKDB’s Visual Atlas – an online platform suitable for students of all ages that have interest in using visual aid when learning about human rights in North Korea.


The students had the chance to ask questions to NKDB Resettlement Assistance Headquarters’ counselor in order to get more detailed information on North Korean defectors’ psychological health. The students asked questions regarding the biggest barrier for North Korean defectors in dealing with trauma and how South Korean counselors form rapport with North Korean defectors. 


Students also had a chance to interact with a North Korean defector student similar to their age. The students were able to relate to the realities of being a young person in North Korea and a North Korean defector in the early stages of resettlement in South Korea through the question and answer session. 


NKDB hopes that the interest in North Korean human rights that was sparked by this educational visit would guide the students in the preparation of their proposals on mental health assistance programs for North Korean defectors.