NKDB Center for Human Rights Legal Support

A group of NKDB lawyers and experts working in the public interest to restore the honor and guarantee the rights of North Korean human rights victims


Rights to Remedy

We can no longer wait to provide relief for victims and pursue accountability for perpetrators

By drawing on the expertise of the top experts on North Korean human rights, the Center for Human Rights Legal Support receives cases, submits lawsuits, and litigates cases of North Korean human rights violations. Working through both domestic and foreign judicial institutions, our experts support these victims until their cases are concluded.

The NKDB Center for Human Rights Legal Support provides an opportunity to bring direct relief to victims of North Korean human rights violations through domestic judicial institutions and procedures. Through this, we can begin to establish precedent for accountability for perpetrators, the inevitable future reality for North Korean human rights violations. A difficult road lies ahead, but this task is designed in pursuit of bringing resolution, social integration, and true peace.

Greetings from the 

Director of the Center

Director of the NKDB Center for 

Human Rights Legal Support

YOON Seung Hyun

The Database Center for North Korean Human Rights has been silently fulfilling its mission by recording cases of human rights violations in North Korea. The NKDB Center for Human Rights Legal Support was launched in order to go one step further and provide practical relief, establish accountability for perpetrators, and achieve true inter-Korean social integration.

I hope that NKDB can become a beacon of hope and protect the lives of North Korean escapees residing in China and other countries who live in fear while avoiding the attention of the authorities, as well as North Korean escapees in South Korea who continue to overcome difficult challenges after leaving their beloved homes. A new era of human rights improvement and advocacy must come not only for North Korean escapees but also for the remaining 23 million North Korean citizens in terms of human rights and the universal values of mankind, beyond political and ideological frameworks of North and South, left and right, conservatives and progressives.

The first step in this process may be small and difficult, but we are sure that the improvement of human rights for North Korean escapees and North Korean citizens is an issue that must be addressed in these times. As Korean citizens living in the same era, we believe that this is a humanitarian issue weighing on the collective conscience of mankind. As such, we will move forward with passion so that in the future we can face our North Korean brethren without shame.

YOON Seung Hyun

Director of the Center for Human Rights Legal Support

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