North Korean Human Rights Museum

The Echo Never Stops 

낯선 말, 표현의 그림자

PART 3Special Exhibition: “Resolutions”

Expressing North Korean voices 


                                                                    the voice of artistic works.

Artist: K i m_Y o u n g s e o p

Artist: Sun_Mu

Working under the pseudonym “Sun Mu” which means “no line”, the artist is a North Korean escapee himself. Through his art work he explores the theme of erasing boundaries, both literally and figuratively while harboring the spirit of unification and peace.

Let’s sing a song, Geumsoo from Seoul /

and Boksun from Pyongyang / 

Dip our feet in the clear waters of the Imjin River / 

Compose a score on the barbed wire staves / 

With Songaksan adorned in azaleas / 

And the Baekdu and Taebaek mountain ranges

binding us together / 

Let’s harmonize and sing the song of peace as one.




(Sun Mu’s own reflections of their recent visit to the Imjin River)




More art works of Sun_Mu exhibited at the museum: